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Home Energy Storage

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Designed for reliability Extensive quality and reliability testing Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) Globally proven and recognized field performance


Single or three phase systems from 6.0 kW to 54 kW Supports DC coupled and AC coupled off-grid and grid-tie architectures

Easy to service

Monitor, troubleshoot or upgrade firmware with ICM

Nu Technology

System configures quickly into compact wall-mounted system Integrates both grid and generator power with dual AC inputs

Home Energy Storage Solutions

Introducing the NuFlex Modular Platform

One Solution for Grid-Tie and Off-grid solar

We’re excited to introduce NuFlex, adaptable and scalable, the NuFlex system is the one solution for grid-interactive and off-grid, residential and commercial, solar and backup power applications. NuPower’s ground-breaking Virtual Power Plant (VPP) technology virtually links together local networks of energy storage systems to form a single renewable power plant that is capable of deploying enough stored sunshine to reduce the use of traditional fossil fuels and lower CO2 emissions. By using intelligent batteries and ground-breaking VPP software, NuPower helps provide clean, reliable energy to customers, greater energy control to local grid operators, and financial benefits to customers.

Hardware And Software Built For Each Other

Nu Power’s entire portfolio utilize APOLLO Micro-Grid Energy Management System The APOLLO Micro-Grid Control software is the Renewable Energy industry’s smartest, most capable EMS that provides engineers, developers, installers, and financiers the tools not just for design and modeling of Micro-Grids, but it also actually runs the Micro-Grid on a day-to- day, minute-to-minute, and second-to-second basis in order to deliver those predicted results.

The OMS component of the software communicates with the various DERs at the physical location of each Micro-Grid. The OMS picks up it’s marching orders from the APOLLO SERVERS running in the OpenEGrid Cloud and has autonomous responsibility for day-to-day instantaneous decision making and control of all aspects of locally located DERs. The OMS communicates key performance parameters back to the cloud for machine learning, deeper analysis, and record-keeping purposes.

Building a Sustainable Future

An Innovative, Customizable Microgrid Solution

NuFlex is a highly efficient direct current (DC)-based microgrid solution that provides resiliency and creates sustainable, cost-effective energy. NuFlex is the ideal energy solution for commercial, light industrial, EV charging and off-grid sectors.