Pulsar Plus

Pulsar Plus

Small and Powerful

Compact and powerful performance for faster EV charging, Wallbox Pulsar Plus can charge any electric vehicle on the market today and is ready to take on the biggest batteries of tomorrow.

Fast as Lightning

8x faster than a standard charger, Pulsar Plus can charge with up to 48A so even the biggest batteries charge at top speeds.

No surprises on your energy bill.

Cost management just got smarter with the myWallbox app and advanced features that optimize your energy use.

Safe to use. Rain or shine.

Pulsar Plus is UL listed to protect you, your home’s electrical grid and your EV battery, and it’s certified for indoor or outdoor installation.

Connect and control your charger from anywhere

Manage charging and monitor the status of your EV remotely Set and change charging schedules Remote charger locking and unlocking Manage multiple users and multiple chargers Real-time charging statistics Real-time notifications

Compatible with all EVs


Receive notifications automatically "Your car has finished charging." "Don't forget to plug your car in before the scheduled charge begins." "There is a charger software update available.


View your charging sessions at any time Filter by time periods View your charging data in real-time Monitor consumption via graphs and charts