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Pioneering the Energy Storage

Nu Power has extensive experience in large-scale centralized and large-scale decentralized Energy storage infrastructure



Innovation through expertise

At Nu Power, our understanding of technology is broad due to the various technologies and specialized implementation on existing sites

Nu Grid Resiliency

To help mitigate risks and costs of electric grid downtime, we offer a spectrum of resiliency solutions.

Nu Custom Solutions

We understand the grid is a complex system that is not amenable to a "one-size-fits-all" philosophy.

Nu Technology

Nu Power's close connection to the leading cell makers offers unique insight into technology roadmaps.

Create Energy

A microgrid is a flexible and localized power generation system that combines multiple assets. While each system is unique, they all share common elements. A microgrid utilizes renewable energy sources such as solar panels, along with battery banks to store electricity and deliver it when needed. Control systems are a critical component to every microgrid, designed to provide exactly the right energy mix for the customer. Since a microgrid is used primarily for local demand, typical users are local energy consumers (industry, residential, service providers, municipal services). These users may be on the grid with unlimited access or off the grid, running self-sufficient island operations.

Store Energy

Microgrids continue to gain popularity in the built environment due to improved power reliability and quality, increasing system energy efficiency, resiliency from grid anomalies and financial benefits. Microgrid with Energy Storage System Promotes Reliability and Sustainability. Nupower produces cost-effective, highly efficient energy storage systems that can operate alone or paralleled together to create customized, scalable solutions for a variety of energy storage needs.

Manage Energy

Microgrids require a wide range of technologies. To ensure safe and reliable operation, every piece of equipment must work seamlessly together. As a critical component to a microgrid, control systems must be smart, predictive and able to deliver exactly the right energy mix for your specific needs. A microgrid controller provides the brains to make all of this possible.

Hardware And Software Built For Each Other

Nu Power’s modular battery system has been engineered from the cell-level up to maximize energy density and perform rigorous front-of-the-meter and behind-the-meter functions.

Nu Power’s entire portfolio utilize APOLLO Micro-Grid Energy Management System The APOLLO Micro-Grid Control software is the Renewable Energy industry’s smartest, most capable EMS that provides engineers, developers, installers, and financiers the tools not just for design and modeling of Micro-Grids, but it also actually runs the Micro-Grid on a day-to- day, minute-to-minute, and second-to-second basis in order to deliver those predicted results.

The OMS component of the software communicates with the various DERs at the physical location of each Micro-Grid. The OMS picks up it’s marching orders from the APOLLO SERVERS running in the OpenEGrid Cloud and has autonomous responsibility for day-to-day instantaneous decision making and control of all aspects of locally located DERs. The OMS communicates key performance parameters back to the cloud for machine learning, deeper analysis, and record-keeping purposes.

Our Specialities

Our goal is to maximize energy savings and operational efficiencies in buildings & facilities and to facilitate the two way flow of energy as Renewables proliferate and significantly impact the grid

Powering a Sustainable Future

Sustainability lies at the Core of our Values

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